You designed your dream invitation, you proofread it million times, you gently inserted it one by one into the mailing envelopes. What’s next? Seems easy, right? Mail it!

Well, there are few steps to follow to ensure that your invitations are not only successfully delivered but also delivered in pristine condition.

We have worked on designing, producing, assembling, and mailing invites for the past decade, so the below is a complication of real life hiccups while mailing your invitations and what to do to avoid them in your life. 

Custom designed stamp overwhelms the envelope.

Custom stamps could be a nice addition to your invitation suite, but be sure to choose the smallest size available. Many times, we had our clients order stamps from the online custom stamp websites, only to receive them in a size that overwhelmed the envelope. That is especially the case with the RSVP envelopes.

Envelopes open during the mailing process.

Make sure that your mailing envelopes are securely closed! We recommend using a small glue stick (smaller size makes it easier to control where the glue is being applied) instead of using a wet sponge or (God forbid!) licking your envelopes.

When using custom envelopes that are made out of cardstock and utilize glue tape (one that you tear off a non-sticky cover to expose the sticky tape), make sure that the glue tape is sticky enough. Sometimes if the envelopes are old, the glue tape dries out and it will not work as well.

Return to sender!

Nothing is more stressful than mailing your invites, relaxing into pre-wedding bliss only to start receiving back your mailed invitations stamped across with the dreaded stamp “Return to Sender!” Not only will you need to purchase new stamps, but you will also need to get new envelopes and address them again. Do it right the first time around. Bring your fully assembled invitation to the post office you are planning on using and have the postmaster weigh and measure your envelope and advise you on the postage. If you go the custom stamp route, make sure your postage (and stamp size) is correct. If you are purchasing postal stamps, we recommend going to and ordering your stamps there. Their online store has a much better selection of stamps. And don’t just look at the wedding stamps section. They tend to be very expected and contrived. Choose the correct postage amount first and then filter by color or theme to choose a stamp that enhances your envelope and your wedding style.

Also, ask your post office to hand stamp your envelopes (or you can offer to do it yourself so they don’t have to). There is still a chance that your envelopes will go through the machine, but it is worth asking and keeping your invites crisp and clean!

The cursive font on the envelope.

We love beautifully flowy fonts, but keep your cursive font limited to the name line only. The address lines should be clear and easy to read. 

Missing RSVP stamp

You want your guests to return their RSVPs quickly so you can have a clear picture of who’s coming to your big day. Stamp on the RSVP envelope it’s not only expected but also makes returning of the RSVP much quicker.

Happy Mailing!